He's a music fanatic and a little annoying with what I listen. He says that if not, I can be caught by a certain evil Maluma...


INDIE tales:  a 100% self-published family project 

Surely you don't want your child end up appearing on the new Jersey Shore season, do you? Well, start by changing the traditional good night tale for one of the rock stories of INDIEtales or don't be sorry when you hear him singing Bad Bunny's Yonaguni.


Created as a game between Paula and her dad. INDIE tales is a children's book with the soul of a music album, 10 stories and poems born from the imagination of Paula, an extraordinary little girl, who is only 7 years old!


Stories inspired while listening their favorite music: Radiohead, Garbage, Foo Fighters, The Cardigans, Pearl Jam, The Cranberries, Incubus, Florence + The Machine, Queens Of The Stone Age, Yeah Yeah Yeahs...


Music & popular culture

Save your kids from J. Balvin music now!


80 pages with detailed illustrations full of  treasures* , Your children will never find a "boring" page.

Two sisters lost inside a rainbow, a singer who catches night lights, an indifferent bird boy and rock, lots of rock & roll.  Well, and ninja turtles, witches, mandalorians, songs, a Walkman, a few Heroquest games, an iron giant...

* What is a treasure?  In every INDIE tales illustration you will find hidden a lot of tiny details and references: album covers, movies, games, characters... Enjoy with your child looking for all of them, they will help you to discover to your child a new music band, a new movie or a new game.


 Will you be able to find them all? 


"I gifted the INDIE tales book to my 7 years old granddaughter. Since she started reading she has stopped calling her father  papito chulo ."


 James Newell, 74 years 

"I used to listen to songs by Becky, Karol, La Sista..., but since I discovered Florence through INDIE tales I don't listen to reggaeton anymore.  Now I can vocalize much better  and finally my family and friends understand me when I speak."


 Patricia Lee, 7 years 

the goonies-sloth-film-illustration-245x318.png.png

" My son was not able to put his hat on correctly , but since he reads INDIE tales rock & roll stories he is not annoyed by the sun anymore. Thank you Paula!."


 Elisabet Persson, 46 years 

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