The groupies

Also known as The INDIE avengers, united to help the parents save their children from the evil ULTRA reggaeton.



Paula and Sofía's father, music lover and Netflix addict. He enjoys playing Exploding Kittens with Paula (she usually wins) and tickling Sofía.



A brave 7 years old girl... without whom the project would not exist.

Responsible for all the ideas of the stories, some plots and many endings. Her studies in pre-school have made her an expert in cliffhangers.



The newest addition to the  INDIE Colors  micro tales collection.

Adorable and full of emotions little Sofia jumps from joy to extreme fury in a matter of seconds.


INDIEtales: more than just a book

 INDIE tales are hundreds of afternoons shared between father and daughter. There are laughs to hear, funny stories to tell and little treasures to discover. 

Hi! I'm Paula, and together with my dad I created the rock & roll universe of INDIE tales. Now I'm 7 years old, but the stories you're about to read I started to imagine when I was only 5. Since I was a little girl I love drawing, reading and listening to music. When I was only 2 years old I could have a C1 level conversation with any adult and I have never, never, never used a pacifier. So far those had been 2 of my greatest achievements in this life (I'm more proud of the second one than the first one). But now I can add that I have passed 1st grade and published a book with all my crazy ideas, TAKE THAT! XD

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