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Alanis Morissette

Updated: Feb 4

The nice Alanis was left without being featured in INDIE tales such due to a last minute change in favor of Florence + The Machine, we hope that with this wonderful illustration and this free downloadable card we will get her forgiveness 😅.

In it you will discover some curious facts about Alanis Morissette, a micro story created by Paula and Sofia and some rock activities.

Download PDF • 1.95MB

"Jagged little pill", her third studio album (1995), was the first album I bought as a teenager with my savings. Along with Alanis herself, I would also discover in it the essence of Taylor Hawkins, from Foo Fighters, and Mike Einziger, from Incubus, two of my favorite bands.

It is an album full of rock bases, grunge, guitars and memorable songs like "Ironic" and "Hand in My Pocket", little Sofia's favorite. It is considered one of the best-selling albums of all time and thanks to it Alanis has become part of the history of music. #indietales

Visit our webshop and discover INDIE Tales, a book with 10 rock tales and poems for the little ones of the house. You will also find the INDIE Colors Art Print of Alanis.

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