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Matt Bellamy · MUSE

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

We start INDIE Colors with some curiosities about Matt Bellamy, one of the best guitarists of all time and lead singer of the British rock band MUSE.

Did you know that he can spell the alphabet backwards (z, y, x, w, v...) and that he has an honorary doctorate in arts for his work in the field of music?

Influenced by guitarists Jimi Hendrix and Tom Morello (of Rage Agaisnt The Machine) as well as some great pianists such as Sergey Rachmaninov and Frederic Chopin, Matt learned to play guitar and piano in a self-taught way from a very young age. With a unique sound that mixes the best rock with electronic sounds, classical music and an impressive show, he and his bandmates Chris and Dominic have positioned Muse as one of the greatest bands of the moment. You can't miss them live!

Download now their file and enjoy the microtale created by Paula and Sofia, you can also build your own Muse glasses and mask inspired by The Will Of The People, their new album. #indietales

Download PDF • 1.57MB

Visit our webshop and discover INDIE Tales, a book with 10 rock tales and poems for the little ones of the house. You will also find the INDIE Colors Art Prints of Matt, with an alternative version of MUSE - The Will Of The People.

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